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Type Division Athelete
Pistol & Rifle Intermediate Entry Anastasia Duke
Pistol & Rifle Intermediate Entry Ethan Read
Pistol & Rifle Intermediate Entry Victoria Read
Pistol & Rifle Intermediate Advanced Izaak Abbott
Pistol & Rifle Intermediate Advanced Tanner Gibson
Pistol & Rifle Junior Varsity Carley Lawson
Pistol & Rifle Junior Varsity Cody Roach
Pistol & Rifle Junior Varsity Garrett Carrington
Pistol & Rifle Junior Varsity Nathan Vollman
Pistol & Rifle Varsity Blake Russell
Pistol & Rifle Varsity Elijah Waid
Pistol & Rifle Varsity Hailey Chester
Pistol & Rifle Varsity Jacob Potter
Pistol & Rifle Varsity Logan Glass
Pistol & Rifle Varsity Macy Myers
Pistol & Rifle Varsity Mary Rollins
Pistol & Rifle Varsity Nicole Hirtreiter
Pistol & Rifle Varsity Patrique Moore
Pistol & Rifle Varsity Victoria Neaderhiser
Rifle Only Rookie Jayla Harlan
Rifle Only Rookie Kingsten Evans
Rifle Only Intermediate Entry Anna Dix
Rifle Only Intermediate Entry Claira Russell
Rifle Only Intermediate Entry Zoe Abbott
Rifle Only Intermediate Advanced Abigail Russell
Rifle Only Intermediate Advanced Landon Hope
Pistol Only Intermediate Advanced Maximus Gilbert
Rifle Only Intermediate Advanced Victoria Carrington
Pistol Only Junior Varsity Grayson Bradley
Pistol Only Junior Varsity Jansen Madar
Pistol Only Junior Varsity Nevaeh Whitehead
Rifle Only Varsity Brandon Chester
Pistol Only Varsity Mason Meloy
Pistol Only Varsity Rikka Vogelsong
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