Scholastic Pistol Program shooting is very similar to Steel Challenge. Athletes scores are determined by their time to shoot five steel targets. Each of four targets must be hit during each string of fire and a designated stop plate hit last. The time stops when the stop plate is hit. The best four of five strings will be counted as the total score for each stage. Any primary targets missed will incur a three second penalty each. The maximum time allowed for each individual run is 30 seconds.

Range Commands

  1. “Load and Make Ready” – Before issuing this command the Range Officer should visually confirm that the athlete and all others on the range, have eye and ear protection in place, that he is facing downrange, and that he is in all other respects prepared to handle the firearm. The athlete may then pick up the handgun and magazine from the table, load the handgun and point at the low-ready flag down range. Once the “Load and Make Ready” command has been given, the competitor must not move away from the start location prior to issuance of the “Start Signal” without the prior approval, and under the direct supervision, of the Range Officer.
  2. “Are You Ready?” – The lack of any response from the athlete indicates that he fully understands the requirements of the course of fire and is ready to proceed. If the athlete is not ready at the “Are You Ready?” command, he must state “Not Ready”.
  3. “Standby” – This command should be followed by the audible start signal within 1 to 2 seconds.
  4. "Start Signal” – This is the signal for the athlete to begin their attempt at the course of fire. If a athlete fails to react to a start signal, for any reason, the Range Officer will confirm that the athlete is ready to attempt the course of fire and will resume the range commands from “Are You Ready?”
  5. “Reload if Required and Make Ready for Your Next String” – This command is used following the 1st through 4th strings.
  6. “Stop” – Any Range Officer assigned to a stage may issue this command at any time during the course of fire. The athlete must immediately cease firing and wait for further instructions from the Range Officer.
  7. "Unload And Show Clear” – This command is used following the final string. If the athlete has finished shooting, he must lower his handgun, remove the magazine, then clear the chamber, lock the slide to the rear for inspection by both himself and the Range Officer. The athlete then must place the handgun on the table before the Range Officer can call the range safe and clear to go down range to score/paint targets.
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