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Join William Blount Shooting Team - Shotgun Only
2019-11-12T23:17:19Z - Jim Hartman

Practice tonight
2019-11-12T19:30:41Z - Jim Hartman

New Season Sign-up
2019-09-20T01:01:15Z - Jim Hartman

NRA Banquet
2019-08-01T20:25:49Z - Jim Hartman

Last practice
2019-06-05T22:56:53Z - Jim Hartman

2019-05-29T11:58:33Z - Jim Hartman

Report Cards
2019-05-27T23:59:27Z - Jim Hartman

2019-05-07T21:15:22Z - Jim Hartman

Sporting Clays.
2019-05-07T21:13:15Z - Jim Hartman

Sporting Clays Event
2019-04-29T14:36:48Z - Jim Hartman
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