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Division Squad Athelete
Rookie 1 Jackson Dunn
Rookie 1 Logan Swaney
Rookie 1 Scott Reagan
Intermediate Entry 1 Hunter Johnson
Intermediate Entry 1 Isaac Millard
Intermediate Entry 1 Jackson Burns
Intermediate Entry 1 Maximus Gilbert
Intermediate Advanced 1 Blake Sellers
Intermediate Advanced 1 Connor Graves
Intermediate Advanced 1 Jake Lovingood
Intermediate Advanced 1 Justin Payne
Junior Varsity 1 Ashley Sellers
Junior Varsity 1 Gabe Crye
Junior Varsity 1 Logan Glass
Junior Varsity 1 Mason Meloy
Junior Varsity 1 McKenzie Hall
Junior Varsity 1 Rikka Vogelsong
Junior Varsity 1 TJ Pierce
Varsity 1 Aaron Tipton
Varsity 1 Benjamin Farmer
Varsity 1 Brandon Duty
Varsity 1 Brayden Pierce
Varsity 1 Courtney Glass
Varsity 1 Matthew Farley
Varsity 1 Noah Dunn
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